How much do you know about car audio modification?

Times are changing with each passing day, and while cars are gradually entering thousands of households, car modification is nothing new. Car modification includes body modification, power system modification, brake system modification, headlight modification, etc. Among them, car audio modification is one of the modification projects that many car owners are concerned about. It can make the audio space in the car use the best sound field expression to express the car owner’s love for music and the ultimate pursuit of quality life. However, many car owners know very little about the modification of car audio. Sometimes they even fall into misunderstandings and want to modify, but they are afraid of getting into the trap and don’t know what to do. Today I will share with you some things about modifying car audio.

一、Common misunderstandings when modifying vehicles

1. The more speakers installed in the car, the better the sound effect will be.
This is a common misunderstanding among many car enthusiasts nowadays, but it is not true. In audio, there is no proportional relationship between the number of speakers and the sound quality. The number of speakers should be refined rather than numerous. Overly complicated modifications will not only affect the aesthetics of the interior space, but the sound effects will also affect the originally comfortable car experience.

2. Install according to the original parking space of the car, leaving no traces of modifications
Gai means modification and modification. The most common modification method now is that in order to get a better sound field effect, the ideal installation position of the treble is usually on the A-pillar. Because the treble has strong directivity and weak penetration, the treble is inverted. On the A-pillar, the distance from the treble to the ear can be the same as the distance from the bass to the ear, or close to it. By fixing the treble to the A-pillar, you can also adjust the treble to a position that is basically flush with the head. The height of the sound field created by this position will be ideal.

3. Wires are worthless
Many people will focus on audio modifications on the sound quality of the audio and ignore the wires. Wires are an indispensable part of the sound system. Wires are equivalent to the “blood vessels” of the sound system. The quality of the wires directly determines the effect of the sound. At the same time, it also plays a very important role in the safety of the sound system. Good cables have high transmission efficiency and can greatly reduce signal loss, thus ensuring the purity and authenticity of music.

4. Don’t pay attention to tuning, as long as the sound quality is good
After the audio modification is completed, the tuners will perform the final detail proofreading of the audio – tuning, which is also the core and most essential step. If the early equipment selection and system matching are the “roots”, then the later stage tuning is the “basic”. When a sound system is tuned by an excellent tuner, the sound quality is likely to change dramatically. Therefore, when it comes to audio modification, both the skill and musical literacy of the master are very important, so everyone must pay attention to the final tuning stage!

5. Is it possible not to use sound insulation?
A good set of speakers has a lot to do with whether the sound insulation is done well. Due to the special structure of car door panels, when the car is driving on the road, the door iron sheet will generate resonance noise, and wind and air noise will also be transmitted into the cabin through the door cracks, making the driver and passengers feel irritated. And the car door is usually where the front sound field speakers are installed, and the car panel without sound insulation is like a leaky box. The car is not soundproofed. When the sound is turned on, the speakers vibrate, and the car’s iron sheet also vibrates. This will offset a lot of low-frequency sounds, and the sound effect will naturally be greatly reduced.

二、 Precautions for car audio modification

1. Wrong estimation of the professionalism of the selected car modification shop
The first thing you need to pay attention to when modifying is the circuit problem. When modifying and repairing, be sure to go to a car audio modification shop with professional experience. This way, whether it is the subsequent vehicle warranty or a series of after-sales service issues, you can have good protection. If you are interested, you can leave a message to Xiao U in the background, and Xiao U will consider giving some professional recommendations for auto modification shops.

2. Reserved space for speakers
Because car audio modification is a step-by-step process, usually the speakers are replaced first, the power amplifier is upgraded, the speakers with bass effect are added, and then the host is replaced. If we modify the sound at will without considering the location of the reserved space, it will have a profound impact on the sound effect.

3. Ignore the amplifier capabilities of the audio host
Many people who like the sound quality of heavy bass also put a lot of effort into the host amplifier of the audio system. During the debugging process, I felt that the sound quality was good, but during use I still found that the battery voltage was unstable and the sound quality was obviously damaged. Using a high-power amplifier can easily burn out the circuit. This is what we often call spontaneous combustion in audio modifications.


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