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Your Leading Audio Manufacturer in China

MR AUDIO, founded in 2004, is a prestige supplier of car speakers and professional speakers. The MR stands for Mr. Right, and also an abrreviation for 美日(Pinyin:Měi Rì) in Chinese which means A Beautiful Day. After years of development, we have a dedicated team of professionals that master the essence of car speaker manufacturing.

With strong technical support, we have a full range of car speaker products, including subwoofer, midrange car speaker, super tweeter, coaxial car speaker, component car speaker, and other products. 

Dedicated staff, efficient management, state-of-the-art equipment, and advanced technology are the basis of MR AUDIO’s continuous progress. After more than ten years of evolution, MR AUDIO has become an important OEM supplier for a number of internationally renowned brands.

From product development to production quality control, we always adhere to the motto of “quality is life, time is credibility, service is competitiveness”. MR Audio is your reliable partner, we will provide you with the best quality car speaker products.

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MR Audio - Your Car Speaker Quality Manufacturer

MR AUDIO is expert in car speakers, and knows your requirement for car speakers. For the past 16 years, MR AUDIO has  been focusing on customizing different types of car speakers.

From an annual production capacity of 60,000 units at the beginning to 500,000 units today, we have evolved a lot. We will provide a one-stop service for all your car speaker products, any car speaker products, you can contact MR AUDIO, we will provide you with the best solution.

A Wide Range of Car Audio To Meet Your Business Ambition

The products of MR audio cover SUBWOOFER, MIDRANGE SPEAKER, COAXIAL SPEAKER, SUPER TWEETER, COMPONENT SPEAKER. Each product is carefully designed by engineers, every detail of which has passed repeated tests, through layers of quality control, every product in the hands of customers is a piece of art.

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Your Reliable Car Speaker Wholesale Manufacturer

MR audio technical force is a rich, well-equipped, advanced technology, with sophisticated testing instruments and a perfect quality management system. Dedicated employees are the most precious wealth of MR AUDIO because, with them, MR audio products will be more stable and outstanding. We will always be your most trusted partner.

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