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MR AUDIO is a leading manufacturer of speaker cable products. We are offering a comprehensive range of speaker cables to fulfill the needs of various businesses. We also welcome OEM orders.

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A connection called speaker cable is used to link amplifiers and speakers. The speakers get amplified audio from this connection. It features a PVC jacket that shields the core from interference and other external influences and a core that is typically composed of solid or stranded copper.
In China, MR AUDIO is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers to supply speaker cable products. We have been manufacturing car audio products including speaker cables for more than 20 years.
Our professional and creative team is dedicated to supplying you with high-quality speaker cable products. We are also able to customize speaker cable products based on your requirements.

What is the role of the speaker cable?

Connect each part of the audio to transmit audio and video signals. This is the role of the audio cable. Since it transmits a power signal, there should not be too much signal loss on it. This objectively requires the speaker cable to have extremely excellent electrical conductivity, and excellent electrical conductivity requires the wire to have extremely transmission capabilities.

What should be atten when choose a speaker cable
What is the role of the speaker cable

What should be atten when choose a speaker cable?

Generally speaking, the shorter the speaker cable, the lower the resistance. Secondly, oxygen-free copper materials are the mainstream, with low resistance and moderate cost. Remember to connect the speaker cable to the power supply for a while before use.

MR Audio - Your Reliable Speaker Cable Manufacturer in China

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MR AUDIO can be your trusted supplier of speaker cable products. A speaker cable is a wire that is used for electrical connections between the speaker and amplifier sources. We are supplying a wide variety of models of speaker cable products. Our speaker cable products are obtainable in several colors, designs, and dimensions.

Furthermore, we are manufacturing speaker cable products that have many incredible features such as:①Excellent compatibility.②Attractive and durable design.③Strong signal strength.④Easy pulling and stripping.⑤Halogen-free.⑥Offers excellent sound quality

Our speaker cables are used for several audio applications. They are suitable for professional speaker installations, commercial installations, domestic home cinema connections, and many more.

We are manufacturing speaker cable products from excellent quality materials such as copper, silver, gold, and other materials. We are choosing the materials strictly to provide durable and reliable speaker cable products.

We are serving our customers globally. We have been supplying speaker cable products to many regions and countries.

If you want a supply of speaker cable products from us, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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A guide to speaker cable


What is speaker cable?

The core is typically stranded, which means that it is made up of a number of smaller cables bundled together to create a bigger (thicker) conductor. There are several causes for this. The cable is substantially less flexible when the conductor is solid, which makes installation more challenging. Furthermore, solid conductors display a higher skin effect, which raises resistance and increases power losses, both of which we want to minimize. We shall discuss skin effect in more detail in a moment.

When choosing a speaker cable and when organizing the installation, you should pay attention to a few key electrical properties. Resistance, inductance, and capacitance are the three main properties. Every audio professional will agree that a speaker cable’s resistance is, by far, its most crucial feature. For selecting the proper type and gauge of speaker cable, understanding it is crucial. Let’s investigate speaker cable resistance in greater detail.


Selecting the appropriate gauge and size of speaker cable

It might be difficult to choose the correct size cable for your audio speakers, but arming yourself with some fundamental knowledge about audio speaker cables will help you make a wise choice, no pun intended.

Gauge of speaker cable

The gauge of the cable, also known as the American cable Gauge, indicates the thickness of the cable (AWG). The gauge number, often known as the AWG, decreases with increasing cable thickness and increases with decreasing cable thickness. A cable with an AWG of 12 is thicker than one with an AWG of 18. The very common gauges for audio speaker cables are 12, 14, 16, and 18, respectively. Stranded cable is more frequently used in audio speaking wiring than solid cable because it is more flexible, easier to route, and can endure vibration and bending. The more complicated production procedure for stranded cable results in a higher starting cost. Your choice of cable thickness matters since it will have an impact on the speaker circuit’s total resistance. As a result, it will have an impact on how much power is transferred between the amplifier and speakers. The amount of opposition to an electric current is measured as resistance.

Resistance in cable

The length and thickness of the cable have an impact on the cable’s resistance. In the same configuration, a longer, thinner cable will have more resistance than a shorter, thicker cable. The least amount of resistance is what a perfect cable should possess. A 12-gauge cable would be chosen over an 18-gauge cable in order to get the optimum energy transmission.

Size and Length of the Cable

The length of the cable run and the impedance, or power needs, of your speakers should also be taken into consideration when making your choice. Include about 4 to 6 feet of additional cable slack at each end when measuring the distance from the amplifier to each speaker in the system. Determine the length first, then select the cable gauge size. Despite the distance, it is advisable to pick a 14 or 12-gauge cable if your speaker demands a lot of power and has a nominal impedance of 4 ohms or less. A 16-gauge cable would be the best option for the majority of 8-ohm speaker circuits with runs less than 50 feet. Choose at least 16 gauge, if not a 14 or 12-gauge cable, for cable lengths longer than 75 feet. You should choose a stronger gauge cable to reduce the cable’s resistance as much as you can because at this greater distance, it will be significantly enhanced.

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