How To Check The Sound Quality Of Speakers?

However, any voice device has its strong points and weaknesses, but it has a finite number of calculations, and a low-level voice device is difficult to achieve and has an aesthetic effect.

speaker test

For general measurement, universally applicable external voltage resistance, direct measurement sound detector, DC voltage resistance. The estimated sound field DC voltage limit is less than 1.25, which is roughly the name of the voice generator. Sound box electric resistance is generally 4, 8, 16, etc. If the calculation value has a fractional part, then the closest values are 4, 8, 16, etc. This is the reason why. For example, if the calculation value is 8.3, the countermeasure against the voice is 8. As a result, the electric insulation is large and small, and it is possible to remove the special product. If the voice does not arrive at the time of measurement, the voice does not move at the same time, the voice of the voice is clear or the line is open; Some magnetic steel deviation normal position, no lawful vibration, lawless voice.

01 Test low quality

Low-quality vocal instruments are produced at low frequencies, so the ears are young, but they are completely thick, and the poor class feels a sense of accomplishment. (Because of our usual low frequency, it is not clear) Good low frequency response is clear, the next level is clear, there is no meeting, the sound is not dissipated, and various low frequency instruments are used immediately. Can be easily separated. Therefore, it is unnecessary to have a low-frequency volume sensation, and the low-quality sound is natural, and this is the low-frequency sound effect that we need. However, this is also impossible – in general, for example, if there is a part of the sound that is likely to occur when the music teacher is present, the frequency is low, and the music can be played at a low frequency of 18HZ (required).

02 Tested Voice

The human voice is the most popular voice, and we are determined to find a good sound and not to be disturbed by the production house of the studio. A little bit of a “box voice” is a big shout out to the same party, and the voice of this stage is not clear. The medium-range sound-dyed version is heavily weighted against other high-speed sound-dyed words, because the majority of the vocal rate is possible, or because the music rate is centralized in the medium-sized city, this point is for all kinds of music, and the urban development is repeated. obstruction.

03 Test high volume and sound image

A small voice is displayed at low volume, but when the volume is increased to a certain level, it fails, or “applause”, various non-sounding medium sound signals, (of course, the volume of the 12 points is a safe test standard. , LEVEL). Specifically, the young orchestra is one of the favorite music types, so it has to go through this. Synthetic standard vocal instrument with a certain degree of arrival voice sound box, creating a clear sound combination image, showing a non-coincidence equinox point position and texture, sufficient dispersal from birth, space, and high degree sound space. The weak tone harmony sound is a neat and clean sound, and the large volume and the “large explosion shelf” are distorted and lost. Outstanding repertoire performance, with a sense of atmospheric music and air, the jumping power of a chord, the image of the sound, and the sound image of the sound. In addition, people who have been listening to it for a long time are tired of listening.

04 Measured high-quality soft feeling

Inferior high-pitched sound is a sharp sound, and it is painful and greedy, and the most emotional feeling can be changed into a beautiful high-pitched sound of a woman. Homologous, high-pitched middle-pitched heterologous sense of disparity, good high-pitched performance. The dissimilar sound produced by the dissimilarity of the same age and the dissimilarity of the wood quality. The most easy-to-grasp key point, a good high-pitched tone is awe-inspiring, the pores are erected, and the person is overwhelmed, and which is soft and rich, soft and flexible, and has a layered feeling. Highest and highest processing is possible in a simple and easy-to-understand manner (of course, it is not possible to join the sound of the singer).

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