How to Install and Debug the Car Subwoofer and Repair Common Faults?

How to install a car subwoofer

1. The power supply cannot be connected incorrectly. If it is connected incorrectly, it will burn out the amplifier fuse, and in serious cases, the amplifier board.

2. The 12V amplifier of the car subwoofer is the positive pole of the power supply. The owner can directly pull the wire to the positive pole of the battery and install the fuse.

3. REM is a control line, which is usually found on the control line of the DVD/CD/MP3/MP5/ and other host machines at the tail of the host.

4. GND is the grounding wire. Generally, the grounding wire should not be too long, and the contact surface with the car should be cleaned to avoid current noise.

5. After installation, it is best for the owner to adjust the volume of the car subwoofer. The volume should not be too loud and should match the audio system.

How to connect a subwoofer to a computer

You only need an audio cable with 3.5 three-core plugs on both ends. One end is plugged into the LR IN jack of the subwoofer, and the other end is plugged into the middle one of the three 3.5 jacks on the computer case (the green jack).

Conventional test:

Set the volume to minimum, the frequency to 12 o’clock, and the phase at random. Choose a CD with rich low frequencies (not DVD), and connect one of the R and L signals of the disc player directly to the R or L channel of the cannon, or connect both. Slowly increase the volume, the cannon will definitely emit low frequencies, and experience the changes in the low-frequency components in the room from low volume to high volume. Set the volume to a suitable position, and then adjust the frequency knob from 20HZ to 150HZ slowly, and experience the diving depth and frequency changes of the cannon. Confirm whether the cannon can sound normally.

Matching and debugging:

1. How to strengthen the bass connection of a 2-channel system

Method 1: Connect the left and right signals of the sound source (CD or DVD player) to the left and right signal input ports of the cannon, and then connect the signal output of the cannon to the power amplifier, and the power amplifier drives the speaker. The signal flow chart is: sound source-cannon-power amplifier-speaker.

Method 2: If the sound source has 2 groups of signal outputs or uses a 1-to-2 signal line, one group is connected to the cannon and the other group is connected to the power amplifier.

Cannon debugging: The frequency is adjusted according to the caliber of the speaker. If the caliber is large, it can be adjusted as low as possible, otherwise it can be adjusted high. It depends on personal preference and there is no unified standard. The phase switch should be in the position with the best bass effect, and the volume should be coordinated with the main speaker.

2. Undertake 0.1 channel subwoofer amplification of 5.1 system

Connection method 1: AV amplifiers with decoding have subwoofer signal output. Use a gun line (preferably a gun line with one-to-two gun lines) to connect the subwoofer output signal of the amplifier to the gun. With this connection method, the gun frequency can be adjusted as high as possible and the volume can be adjusted a little louder, because the signal is limited by the AV amplifier, and it is also convenient to operate.

Connection method 2: DVD players with decoding also have subwoofer signal output. Use a gun line (preferably a gun line with one-to-two gun lines) to connect the subwoofer output signal of the DVD player to the gun. With this connection method, pay attention to the frequency and volume of the gun to match the main speakers and center surround. Generally, the frequency is adjusted at 12 o’clock and the volume is adjusted at 3 o’clock, but there is no unified standard.


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