How to Use Speaker Equipment More Safely?

In various application fields of professional audio and lighting, safety issues have always been the focus of most attention, although every safety accident has different reasons. But one thing is common, that is, the producers have ignored the safety of the site, or failed to take adequate safety precautions. For professional audio equipment operators, special attention should be paid to the operational details during the use of the equipment!

Requirements for the use of professional audio systems

When using electronic equipment, you must pay attention to the conditions of use of the machine, and professional audio system equipment should pay even more attention to the conditions of use. Generally, the operating conditions and requirements of the machine will be listed in the machine’s instruction manual, such as:

1. Ambient temperature: -10℃–+40℃

2. Relative humidity: 50%–80%

3. Power supply voltage: 190V-240V

4. Power frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

5. Avoid using the machine in extremely low or high temperature environments, and avoid direct sunlight shining on the surface of the machine.

6. Avoid using the machine in a humid environment to avoid premature failure of components inside the machine or premature rusting of the machine.

7. Before use, you must confirm that the local power supply voltage is consistent with the machine.

Professional audio equipment usage environment

1. Avoid using the machine in dusty and vibrating environments.

2. There should be enough space around the machine to facilitate heat dissipation of the machine.

3. For power amplifiers, special attention should be paid to keeping the heat dissipation channels clear.

4. Most of the speakers are made of wood, so pay attention to moisture-proofing. When using them outdoors, pay special attention to weather changes and avoid getting wet by rain.

Points to note when using professional speaker systems

1. In a professional audio system, attention should be paid to the order of starting up and shutting down. When turning on the device, you should first turn on the audio source and other front-end equipment, and then turn on the power amplifier; when shutting down, you should first turn off the power amplifier, and then turn off the sound source and other front-end equipment. If the audio equipment has a volume knob, it is best to turn the volume knob to the minimum before turning it on or off. The purpose of this is to reduce the impact on the speakers when turning on and off.

2. It is strictly prohibited to pull out or plug in the signal plug while the power is on. To prevent the resulting impact from damaging the machine or speaker.

3. When you need to use professional audio equipment, first turn it on correctly as required. After turning it on, play music and observe whether the indicator light of the amplifier is working properly. After playing for a period of time, touch the amplifier appropriately with your hands to see if it is overheated.

4. If the sound amplification equipment makes abnormal sounds during operation, the power supply should be turned off immediately and use should be stopped. And ask experienced and qualified maintenance personnel to repair it. Do not open the machine without authorization to avoid causing greater damage to the machine or electric shock.

Use machinery and equipment safely

1. Never pull out or plug in the power plug with wet hands to avoid electric shock.

2. When not in use for a long time, please unplug the power plug from the power socket.

3. Do not let metal conductive substances such as iron needles, hairpins, coins, etc. fall into the machine to avoid damaging the machine.

4. When replacing the fuse of the machine, it should be replaced strictly according to the requirements. It is strictly forbidden to use substandard substitutes.

5. When the machine is in use, the grounding point of the casing should be safely grounded.

6. The machine is strictly prohibited from working under overload or short circuit conditions.

7. Generally, there is an auxiliary power socket on the back panel of the civilian power amplifier. Do not use it to connect hair dryers, electric irons and other electrical appliances. It can only be used to connect audio equipment.

8. In a constant-voltage power amplifier, the output terminal will have a higher output voltage, and the output terminal leads are generally longer, so the safety and reliability of the output terminal leads must be ensured during use.

Pay attention to the protection of audio equipment power cords

1. Be careful to prevent the power cord from being stepped on or squeezed by heavy objects.
2. Do not pull, insert or forcefully twist the power cord.
3. When unplugging the plug from the socket, grasp the plug and pull it out.

Regardless of the quality of the product, product maintenance is very important. Try your best to take time to maintain your audio equipment. If you maintain it well, the power of the sound it brings to you will be revealed at critical moments, thereby avoiding unnecessary Loss.

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