The 21-inch usually uses imported black paint corrugated paper cones. Using this paper cone can make the sound smooth, natural, bright, and clear. The rigidity of this kind of paper cone is very good to reach the high transient response and shows more listening details obviously. In that case, it’s easier to hear bass details that you don’t usually pay attention to. Two or three folded rings are always used on the edge of the paper cone, so when the power output is high, the edge of the connection between the paper cone and the basket is well reinforced, reducing the displacement of the paper cone, besides, making it not easy to break. The surface of the paper cone is also coated with a layer of damping glue, which enhances the toughness of the paper cone and also achieves the effect of waterproofing, in other words, it can be easily adapted outdoors.


This 21 inch reinforcing paper is often used to strengthen and increase the strength of the junction between the voice coil and basket. Although the mechanical strength of the voice coil component is provided by the voice coil winding, the junction of the top and neck of the voice coil winding (segment and cone bonding) is susceptible to wrinkling, especially in high power woofers. It is easy to wrinkle here. If non- or limited thermally conductive reinforcing paper materials are used for aluminum or other thermally conductive frame materials, the heat from the voice coil will have some effects on the adhesive and cone material at the neck joint.  The polymer cone using the aluminum voice coil basket ASV does require thick non-conductive reinforcing paper in high-power applications to avoid thermal deformation of the polymer cone.


The development of MR AUDIO SUBWOOFER mainly depends on the 21 inch series subwoofer, which is obviously different from other brands, and super giant subwoofer such as PD2165 and 21SW153 is the strongest item of MR AUDIO subwoofer system that provides very high power for low-frequency sound reinforcement. With the characteristics of high sound pressure level and wide frequency response, it is very suitable for any large sound reinforcement place. Suitable for various outdoor performances. It can output high power for a long time which has shocking bass sound and continuous dynamic music.

Especially today’s PD2165 subwoofer! It can be said that we have never been in contact with such equivalent subwoofer products. From the moment it was born, it is a legend!

Although the shape of PD2165 is not outstanding, it is very thick and solid, and the dark black surface is completely non reflective. The 21 inch subwoofer is a special metal unit. The voice coil is made of 140mm GEI material and wound inside and outside, with 1500W RMS capacity and 99dB sensitivity. The surface of the paper cone is also coated with a layer of damping glue, which enhances the toughness of the paper cone and also achieves the effect of waterproofing, in other words, it can be easily adapted outdoors.

In the past experience of contact with subwoofer, we have never been in contact with a subwoofer with a diameter of 21 inches. Even the largest subwoofer in public cinemas is only 18 inches. How can we feel about this 21 inch subwoofer?

Next, we auditioned the film <independence day>. Why? Because there are scenes of atomic bomb explosion in this film, we want to use it to feel the feeling of nuclear bomb explosion. When the mushroom cloud of atomic bomb explosion rises in the film, 2165 gives the audience an unprecedented experience. For the construction of atomic bomb explosion, no cinema product can be as amazing as 2165!

We can also provide it with a specially designed acoustic box. The box is made of 18mm multi-layer, and the internal support is strengthened, so that the box produces very small vibration during high-power operation. It is loaded on the front sound baffle of the box in the way of direct radiation. After precise tuning, it provides a very high sound pressure level within the frequency response range of 20Hz ~ 160kh (using the preset state of the processor).

Pd2165 is mainly used for the low-frequency expansion of sound reinforcement systems such as mobile performances of various scales, fixed installation and AV system. The preset digital processor can be selected to optimize the frequency response characteristics of the loudspeaker. It can be used with a variety of full frequency speakers to build a compact sound reinforcement system suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.


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