• 500W RMS capacity
  • 50.8mm(2in) inside-outside BASV voice coil
  • 38-1200Hz response
  • 89 dB sensitivity
  • 4+4Ω nominal impedance

SW1012 sounds delicate, making the instrument texture visible. Dynamic, subdued, and clear sound quality, better stereo separation. Wide range of large dynamic frequencies. Low and clear accents trigger a surging soundstage. Wide soundstage, precise positioning of vocals and instruments. Wide range of responses, vivid and realistic, creating outstanding 3D surround sound.

Nominal Diameter 10/250 in/mm
MAX Power 1000 Watts
RMS Power 500 Watts
Impedance 4+4 Ohm
Resonance Frequency 35 Hz
Frequency Response 35-400 Hz
Sensitivity(1W/1m) 83 dB
Voice Coil Diameter 2.4”/60.6mm
Voice Coil Material BASV
Magnet 112 Oz
FS 35 Hz
RE 3.2+3.2 ohm
Qms 5.4
Qes 0.82
Qts 0.71
BL 13 T/m
MMS 207 grams
Xmax 21 mm
Sd 340 cm²
Efficiency 0%
Le(1k Hz) 49 mH
Overall Diameter 10/262 in/mm
Bolt Circle Diameter 6.1/243 in/mm
Baffle cutout Diameter 9/232 in/mm
Depth 6.7/172 in/mm
Net Weight 7.25 kgs
Shipping Weight 8.05 kgs
Shipping Box 28.5X28.5X20cm

  • 10’’Inside/Out BASV voice coil wounded for hi-temp performance, 4+4ohms
  • 800watts continuous program power rating makes high acoustical output
  • Sleek look, smooth figure
  • 81dB sensitivity, Superior voice reproduction performance.
  • Powerful sound , high fidelity response

Crumpled paper cone with fiber has a more efficient sound performance.

Carefully selected capacitors, inductors, resistors, professional debugging out of the sound crossover better suited to Eastern listening.

Shock bass

Through a reasonable acoustic algorithm, the bass channel for independent and precise control and frequency distribution.

Digital audio dynamic processing, 3D surround

New upgrade Continuous high power output

More delicate Hi-Fi signal processing, the tone is transparent and beautiful, texture are clearly visible.

The background of the music is more obvious and accessible, you can feel the original sound field music fun.

Bass hard, dive in place

The drums are real and elastic, whether it is SUV, business, two-box, three-box car, can be penetrated.

The hardness of the human voice, which is a set of the sought-after work by countless audiophiles.

Super bass elasticity

The clarity and elasticity of the drums, so you can better enjoy the music of the sense of space and rhythm of the fun

The music journey to give you a different kind of youth.

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