• 1000W RMS capacity
  • 100mm(4 in) inside-outside GCCAW voice coil
  • 40-1500Hz response
  • 97 dB sensitivity
  • 2+2Ω nominal impedance

15SB1800 has pure treble with rich details.Clear high frequency, obvious sense of rhythm.Metal appearance, good sound quality, better appearance.The vocal clarity is high, the bass is shocking, it is like being in the scene.

FS 34 Hz
RE 3.6+3.6 ohm
Qms 5.2
Qes 0.95
Qts 0.8
BL 20 T/m
MMS 517 grams
Xmax 19 mm
Sd 750 cm²
Efficiency 0.14%
Le(1k Hz) 42.5 mH


Overall Diameter 15.4/395 in/mm
Bolt Circle Diameter 14.7/376 in/mm
Baffle cutout Diameter 14 /359 in/mm
Depth 9.6/247 in/mm
Net Weight 15.6 kgs
Shipping Weight 17.1 kgs
Shipping Box 41X41X26.5cm

  • 4’’GCCAW voice coil wounded for hi-temp performance, 2+2 ohms
  • 2000 watts max power continuous program power rating makes the high acoustical output
  • Classic and stylish design, a tasteful choice.
  • 97 dB sensitivity, top in the similar class!
  • Excellent low-frequency ability, high fidelity response

This series started to be developed as early as 2016, but it was not available until 2017 because when our engineers strived to achieve the best quality. Our company also invested a lot of money to Customized the mold because the common materials on the market could not meet the requirements. So from the design to the materials used, it took all the engineers’ efforts. Good parameters are obtained from the design, there is no sewing process. The process of research and development will not be revealed, I believe that a slight understanding of the picture can feel the overall quality of the product, is indeed a rare speaker unit, do not miss a good partner!

High sound density, great dynamic control, clear dynamic and static

Fine calculation of mechanical vibration damping and q-value of electrical properties


Unique special polymer material

This material combines light weight, high stiffness, and ideal damping characteristics to optimize its vibration characteristics and reduce the weight of the sound-emitting part

Greatly improved sensitivity and smooth, natural reproduction of the original sound

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