• 4000W RMS capacity
  • 152mm(6 in) inside-outside GSV voice coil
  • 34-1500Hz response
  • 96 dB sensitivity
  • 8Ω nominal impedance

21SW153 has a strong bass power, unaffected by the surrounding environments, can stand out from a series products. the effect will be beyond your expectations and the noise is very small, almost inaudible, the reverberation is very powerful, and the sound is pure and live. First-class selection of materials, extraordinary quality, Well-balanced audio bands perform outstanding at all times.

Nominal Chassis Diameter 21/550  in/mm
MAX Power 3000 Watts
RMS Power 1500 Watts
Impedance 8 Ohm
Resonance(natural) Frequency 37 Hz
Frequency Response 32-1000 Hz
Sensitivity(1W/1m) 96 dB
Voice Coil Diameter 5.5″/140mm
Windling material GSV(inside-outside)
Magnet 309 Oz
FS Hz 37 Hz
RE Ohms 5.1 ohm
Qms 11
Qes 0.32
Qts 0.31
BL T/m 31 T/m
MMS(grms) 246 grams
Xmax(mm) 14 mm
Sd(cm²) 1225 cm²
Efficiency% 2.10%
Le(1k Hz) 2.8 mH
EBP 115 Hz
Overall Diameter 18/460 in/mm
Bolt Circle Diameter 17.4/443 in/mm
Baffle Cutout Diameter 16.5 /420 in/mm
Depth 8.5 /215 in/mm
Net Weight 24.5 kgs
Shipping Weight 27 kgs
Shipping Box 49.5X49.5X24.5cm

  • 6’’inside-outside CCAR voice coil wounded for hi-temp performance, 4+4 ohms
  • 4000w RMS power
  • The high-grade thread paper ensures the working state when the powerful power is output.
  • 96 dB sensitivity, bring Compact, powerful bass with a majestic soundstage and soft handling
  • Excellent low frequency ability, high fidelity response
  • High-priced aluminum iron basket

Suitable for people who pursue sensory stimulation and effect rendering

The large gap between the speaker cone and the coil makes the bass burst powerful and instantly explosive

Real material, we have carried out non-destructive upgrade, thanks to the continuous innovation of new materials

Durable muddy magnet Magnetic force is uniform and highly explosive power


Use of carbon fiber cone

Clearly layered tone Significantly improves signal dispersion Tone quality and sound stage rigidity and flexibility

Provide larger and more robust characteristics, with organized vibrations and the ability to layer large dynamic music

It owns a compact, powerful bass with a majestic sound stage and soft handling gives a Soft, long and flexible sound

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