• 1500W RMS capacity
  • 132mm(4.5 in) inside-outside GSV voice coil
  • 32-1000Hz response
  • 99 dB sensitivity
  • 8Ω nominal impedance

21X451 is not much different from our representative product, After continuous market elimination, testing and refinement, this subwoofer is currently market-oriented, it has heavy, shocking, immersive bass, this subwoofer is perfect for all car owners who are pursuing sound quality, Due to its durability , we guarantee the quality, and it will stay as good as new even with regular use.

Nominal Chassis Diameter 21/550  in/mm
MAX Power 3000 Watts
RMS Power 1500 Watts
Impedance 8 Ohm
Resonance(natural) Frequency 37 Hz
Frequency Response 32-1000 Hz
Sensitivity(1W/1m) 96 dB
Voice Coil Diameter 5.5″/140mm
Windling material GSV(inside-outside)
Magnet 309 Oz
FS Hz 37 Hz
RE Ohms 5.1 ohm
Qms 11
Qes 0.32
Qts 0.31
BL T/m 31 T/m
MMS(grms) 246 grams
Xmax(mm) 14 mm
Sd(cm²) 1225 cm²
Efficiency% 2.10%
Le(1k Hz) 2.8 mH
EBP 115 Hz
Overall Diameter 18/460 in/mm
Bolt Circle Diameter 17.4/443 in/mm
Baffle Cutout Diameter 16.5 /420 in/mm
Depth 8.5 /215 in/mm
Net Weight 24.5 kgs
Shipping Weight 27 kgs
Shipping Box 49.5X49.5X24.5cm

  • 4.5’’Inside/Out aluminum voice coil wound on fiberglass former for hi-temp performance, 8 ohms
  • 1,500 watts max power continuous program power rating makes high acoustical output
  • Smooth lines, minimalist design.
  • 99 dB sensitivity, which makes it capable of generating a lot of output!
  • Excellent low frequency ability,,high fidelity response

The thickness of the magnet has increased, in order to have a larger heat dissipation area, at the same time, the pole core sticks the heat sink, brushes the heat dissipation glue. We also applied the waterproof center heat-dissipating glue on the diaphragm to improve the waterproof performance.

Two or three folded rings are always used on the edge of the paper cone, so when the power output is high, the edge of the connection between the paper cone and the basket is well reinforced, reducing the displacement of the paper cone, besides, making it not easy to break. The surface of the paper cone is also coated with a layer of damping glue, which enhances the toughness of the paper cone and also achieves the effect of waterproofing, in other words, it can be easily adapted outdoors.

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