Do you know how important a voice coil is to a speaker?

voice coil

     The voice coil can be said to be the heart of the speaker and one of the important components of the speaker. After the voice coil conducts electricity, within the magnetic field, because of Fleming’s left-hand rule, motion will be generated, which will drive the drum paper. The voice coil is firmly fixed on the diaphragm, which consists of coils of insulated copper wire. The diaphragm and coil are placed around the periphery of the third component magnet. The quality of the voice coil has a direct impact on the efficiency of the speaker. When the quality of the voice coil conductor is half of the equivalent mass of the vibration system, the effect is the best, and the efficiency of the aluminum wire is better than that of the copper wire. When the voice coil is heavy, it will reduce the high frequency response. But the resonant frequency of the high range is low, so the volume and quality of the voice coil should be considered in the design, especially the wide frequency response. The characteristics of a single drum paper speaker are almost dependent on the mass ratio of the voice coil. Therefore, in addition to the above-mentioned efficiency, the quality of the voice coil should be understood that it is a major factor affecting the sound pressure frequency characteristics of the speaker, and it is also one of the design factors.

Many people are also very confused about how to choose the material of the voice coil. The voice coil of the speaker is different according to the needs of the low, medium and high-pitched units. , the weight of the aluminum wire is lighter, which can obtain better transient response, better control the movement of the cone, and make the expression of the treble and midrange more accurate, so the aluminum voice coil is more suitable for the treble and midrange units , but it is not as good as copper wire in terms of bearing capacity and durability. The midrange and woofer mostly use copper wire to wind the voice coil, which can increase the sensitivity. Small resistivity can withstand greater power, and some woofers wind two to four layers of voice coils to increase the bearing capacity. In addition, the cross-sections are also different, such as circular, hexagonal and rectangular cross-sections. Round wires are the most used. Hexagonal and rectangular wires can save space to the greatest extent without leaving gaps, speed up heat dissipation and improve power carrying capacity. However, wire processing The cost is high, and it is the best way to use different materials for different purposes.

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