Do You Know How The Diameter of a Speaker’s Voice Coil Affects Power?

The larger the diameter of the speaker’s voice coil, the greater the power it can withstand?

This statement is correct in most cases, because the electroacoustic conversion efficiency is very low, and more than 90% is converted into heat.

The larger the voice coil, the better the heat dissipation capacity. Of course, the design of the voice coil must also be considered, such as The subwoofer’s voice coil can handle more power.

Common 6.5-inch mid-bass speakers often only have a rated power of about 40w, and ordinary tweeters can only withstand power between 15w and 25w.

Although many brands will mark the rated power of their products as very large, they cannot actually withstand high power. 

If you play white noise or sine wave signals at a high volume, many speakers will not be able to withstand it for one minute, especially the treble.
It is generally very rare for a treble to withstand high power! For example, Morey’s Supreme Speaker has an internal magnetic large voice coil design with a voice coil diameter of 75mm, so its power capacity is 140w.

Although it is already very large, its tweeter only has a 1.1-inch voice coil, which is It is 28mm, the rated power is 220W, and the peak power is 1000W.
Why can the treble withstand such a high power?
Because the tweeter has a magnetic fluid inside, and the magnetic fluid can quickly dissipate the heat of the voice coil to the metal outside, so it can withstand greater power.

In summary, you cannot use the rated power to judge whether the speaker is good or not. It is better to judge it based on the sensitivity!

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