Do you know what a speaker is made of?

Common speakers are composed of dust caps, gaskets, paper cones, elastic waves, voice coils, basin frames, terminals, magnetic steel, magnets, and T irons.
The dust cap can not only prevent foreign objects from falling into the magnetic gap, but also separate the air in the front and back of the cone, so as to prevent the sound radiated from the rear from going around to the front, causing an acoustic short circuit.The elastic wave, also known as the center piece, has a great influence on the performance of the high-fidelity woofer. The function of the elastic wave is mainly to provide restoring force for the movement of the cone, and to keep the voice coil in the correct position during the movement.The main function of the gasket is shock absorption and sealing, to protect the surface of the connected parts from being scratched by the nut, and to disperse the pressure of the nut on the connected part. This can avoid resonance and ensure that the sound effect of the speaker is not affected. At the same time, the installation of gaskets can also reduce the resonance and make the speaker stronger, ensuring that the speaker will not be affected by the resonance during installation, so as to play a better sound quality.

The function of the paper cone is to assist the voice coil in sound radiation, which determines the playback performance of the speaker. In addition, the corrugated horn paper cone can effectively increase the firmness and stability of the paper cone, prevent it from deforming or collapsing, and improve the load-carrying capacity of the food tray; at the same time, it can also effectively prevent slipping, leakage, oil penetration, etc., and can better maintain the temperature and humidity of the food environment to prevent premature dehydration or oxidation of food.The voice coil is the coil inside the audio speaker. After being energized, it can generate an electromagnetic field and interact with a magnet to produce sound through vibration. The voice coil is one of the core components of the car horn. Its function is to convert the electrical signal into mechanical vibration, and transmit the sound through the vibration.The basin frame is the “skeleton” of the cone speaker. It can combine the diaphragm, ring, centering piece, magnet, magnetic conductive element, etc., and it can also play the role of installing the speaker on the box.The function of the terminal is to provide a reliable connection, support different types of connections, and support different audio equipment.The magnetic steel in the micro-speaker plays an important role in the speaker. Together with the magnetizer, it provides a permanent magnetic field for the voice coil. The quality of the magnetic steel has a great influence on many characteristics of the speaker, especially the sensitivity. To be precise, the stronger the magnetic field, the better, not the bigger the better.The function of T iron is solid magnetism and magnetic conduction.


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