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Car Audio Speakers in China

All you need to do is submit the design of car audio speakers to us,
and our professional team will make them for you asap

  • MA audio certification
  • Speaker automation machine
  • Subwoofer automatic oven

MR Audio,Your Professional Car Speaker Supplier in China

ღ Over 16years Car audio manufacturing experience
ღ 15 engineers provide support for your car audio development and manufacturing
ღ A complete set of speaker automation assembly line, advanced testing equipment, CLIO online testing system to test the quality of speaker products
ღ 7/24 online support for your business

All Types of Car Audio Systemto Support Your Project and Business

MR audio spend 16 years in subwoofer, mid-range speaker, coaxial speaker, component speaker, and supper tweeter production, has always been committed to creating high-quality car audio.

MR audio provides a 9000 quality system, CE certification, a number of patented inventions, and an advanced CLIO online test system to detect the quality of speaker products.

  • MR audio Production Line
  • car audio certificate

All Types of Car Audio
MR Audio's Car Speaker Solution is Your Best Bet

Subwoofer Car Audio

Car subwoofer speaker with a powerful and energetic touch, every note is in your ears.

Midrange Car audio

As long as the car midrange speaker has music, it will bring you the best vocal experience

Coaxial Speaker Car Audio

Car coaxial speaker provides better sound with excellent value

Tweeter Car Audio

Car tweeters speaker can easily handle high frequencies

Component Speaker

Car component speaker provides a full range of music experience

Speaker Box

The car speaker box uses the best space to achieve the perfect sound

One of The Leading Car Audio Aupplier to Rocket Your Business

Each of the car speaker products MR audio will analyze your special requirements, market characteristics to design. After repeated testing and validation, you will eventually have your own sound in your market.

Leading development ability, perfect quality management system is enough to support us to meet your product requirements. We are involved in designing, layout, developing, innovating out-of-this-world audio sound products. MR audio only focuses on providing a quality-based audio sound product that obtains the average standard of our customers.

Why MR audio is favored by the world's leading brands
-More than 1000 customers

"Customer first" service concept

Win the market with continuous, deep, and detailed team service.

Quality control

Continuous norms and improvement is key to the improvement of  MR products.

Insist on high quality , cutting edge design

A research and development team with a collection of professionalism, rigor, and many advantages.

Efficient production team

Effective team, reasonable arrangements to ensure on-time delivery of products to our customers

Product compliance requirements

The compliance requirements of most retailers in USA, South America, and Africa

16 years Brand OEM experience

OEM/ODM project experience to develop client-specific products

Who Use
MR Car audio

Global car audio brand

If you are a car audio brand and sell car audio to the local market, then MR audio can become your best car audio OEM manufacturer, you can choose from our car audio design, and you can also customize it for you.

Car audio trading company

If you are a car audio trading company, you are welcome to become our agent in your area. MR audio always fully supports our global agents.

Car Audio Project

If you are adjusting the combination for your car audio, MR audio will customize multiple solutions for you to choose from.

MR audio in Ningbo

MR audio Manufacturing

CNC Machining Center
CNC Machining Center

4 high-precision CNC lathes ensure the material size accuracy of the car speaker, which is why our product consistency is so good. And it also makes the product look so nice.

Car Speaker Production Line
Car Speaker Production Line

12 car speaker production lines, let us have sufficient production capacity, so that your product delivery faster, excellent staff to produce products are of high quality.

Audio Test System
Audio Test System

3 audio testing systems, LMS, CLIO, and SOUNDCHECK help us test the Thiele-Small PARAMETERS of car speakers more accurately, and verified the rationality of the design through testing.

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What is the minimum order quantity for your car audio?

The minimum order quantity for treble, midrange, coaxial is 500, and the minimum order quantity for bass is 300.

Can it be exported to Panama?

Yes, our products can be exported to any country.

Can I come to China to visit your factory?

Welcome to visit our factory, our factory is in Ningbo, China, we will meet you at Ningbo Airport.

What car-related products does MR audio produce?

We have many product categories, mainly dealing with tweeter, midrange, coaxial and bass, and car audio products.

What are the payment methods?

Pay a 30% deposit, and the balance will be paid before receiving the goods. We will send photos and videos of your products.

How to become your agent?

Reach a certain MOQ, the MOQ of each region is different, we will protect the agents in each region.

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