How do we recognize the single voice coil and double voice coil of a speaker?

It has been more than 100 years since the car’s invention. During this period, people’s desire for enjoyment has continued to rise. From the engine, appearance, car seats, to car audio, there has been more advanced progress. A hundred years ago, can one imagine having the same fun in a car as in an indoor theater?

The internal structure of our speakers may seem simple. In fact, every tiny variable can create a brand new product.
Shall we learn about the voice coil first?

There are many different types of speakers on the market. Our consumers must often have something they don’t understand when choosing. For example, when they receive a speaker flyer, you will be confused why there are single voice coil and dual voice coil speakers. What’s the difference, how to choose, is dual voice coil necessarily better? Today we will briefly explain it to you.
We must first know the concept of the voice coil.

Different Voice Coils
The voice coil can be regarded as a speaker’s engine. It is actually a metal coil placed in the magnetic gap of the speaker magnet. After the audio current passed through the voice coil, the voice coil will move in the magnetic part, thereby promoting the vibration of the speaker. Then membrane vibrates, producing sound.

1. After seeing these names, we may know that the first difference between these two speakers is the number of voice coils. Double voice coil speakers refer to two coils, which respectively wind two pieces of metal wire together on a common bearing. However, the two pieces of wire are independent of each other; they are the same length, have the same number of turns, and exactly the same electrical conductivity. A single voice coil speaker is a speaker with only one coil.
2. The wiring method is different. Dual voice coil speakers have two voice coils, so there can be a variety of wiring methods, series, parallel and independent connections. For example, if you use a 4-ohm dual voice coil speaker, it can become an 8-ohm speaker after being connected in series. If you use a parallel connection, it will become a 2-ohm speaker. Therefore, to drive a high-impedance car speaker power amplifier, two voice coils can be connected in series; if the car power amplifier is a high-current car power amplifier designed to drive low-impedance speakers to obtain better performance, then connect the voice coils in parallel. In this way, the advantages of dual voice coil speakers are more obvious.
3. In terms of sound quality, the sound quality of dual voice coil speakers is stronger than that of single voice coil speakers, because the design of dual voice coil speakers can use limited space to maximize the bass effect.
4. The center is different, the dual voice coil speaker is equivalent to two single voice coil speakers, the left and right channels are connected at the same time, which can achieve the center effect of isolation and balance; the center of the single voice coil speaker is suitable for cars with a special center amplifier, the power amplifier mixes the left and right channels before amplifying and driving the speakers.
5. Suitable for different occasions. Dual voice coil speakers can meet the application of all occasions, and the effect is better; while single voice coil speakers can only be used in special power amplifiers, with fixed impedance and sensitivity, and the use is not flexible enough and limited.

In fact, whether it is a single voice coil or a double voice coil, it is impossible to judge the quality of a speaker based only on the number of turns, because there are many other factors, and each sound enters each ear, and the one that suits you is the best. OK If you are interested, please look forward to more discussions.

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