How Many Loudspeakers (Speakers) Do You Know?

Loudspeakers, commonly known as horns, are indispensable and important equipment in the audio system. All music is produced through the “horn”, just like the human throat, and it is the only equipment that converts electrical energy into “sound”. The character of the speaker plays a vital role in the sound quality of the audio system. The speaker includes a woofer, a midrange unit, and a tweeter. These three units are responsible for different frequencies, but they all work on the same principle.


  • Super Tweeter


This parameter is mainly for package speakers. The tweeter is the tweeter unit in the car speaker, and its function is to replay the high-frequency signal (the frequency range is generally 5KHz-10KHz) output from the frequency divider.

The mid-range and high-pitched speakers of car speakers are mainly ball-type. The dome tweeter can be divided into a positive dome unit and a reverse dome unit from the dome structure. From the material of the ball top, it is divided into two categories: hard ball top and soft ball top. The positive spherical unit has a larger horizontal diffusion angle when playing music. When the reverse ball tweeter is playing music, the horizontal radiation angle is small, but the tone is purer and the power is higher. The diaphragm materials of hard dome treble include aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy composite film, glass film, diamond film and so on. The treble played by the hard dome tweeter has a bright tone and a metallic feel. Suitable for playing pop music, movie music and effects music. Made of excellent aluminum alloy and titanium alloy composite film dome tweeter, it can also better express classical music and human voice. There are several kinds of diaphragm materials for soft dome tweeters, such as silk film, silk film, rubber film and bulletproof cloth film. When the soft-dome tweeter replays music, the high-pitched sound is flexible and relaxed, and has a good natural expression. It is especially handy when expressing classical music, human voice and other music with standard listening concepts.


  • Midrange speaker


This parameter is mainly for package speakers. The mid-range speaker is the mid-range speaker unit in the car speaker, and its function is to replay the intermediate frequency signal (the frequency range is generally 150Hz-5KHz) output from the frequency divider.

There are generally two types of midrange speakers: cone and dome. It’s just that its size and power are larger than the tweeter and are suitable for playing mid-range audio. The diaphragm of the midrange unit is mainly made of soft materials such as paper cone and silk film, and occasionally there is a small amount of alloy dome diaphragm.

Because the human auditory system mainly relies on the order in which the sound waves of the middle frequency part reach the left and right ears to locate the sound source. The tweeter installed near the A-pillar and the mid-range speaker installed in front of the door can only form a harmonious sense of sound source consistency if they achieve a coordinated frequency match. At the same time, taking into account the position of the audience, the sound release angle of the left and right midrange speakers must be repeatedly calculated and adjusted according to different situations. Only in this way can the car audio achieve a good sound field positioning.


  • Woofer


The sound with a frequency between 150 Hz and 500 Hz is the structural part of the sound. Appropriate mid-bass components make the sound have good strength, too strong mid-bass will make the sound stiff, and insufficient mid-bass will make the sound soft.

I believe that when many car users listen to music with the original car audio system, they always feel that the music is thin and seems to be missing something. This is the feeling caused by the lack of full and strong mid-bass. During the fast driving of the car, the tire noise generated by the friction between the tire and the road surface, the running noise of the engine, the wind cutting sound generated by the collision between the car body and the air, etc., often weaken the bass effect. Installing a proper high-performance subwoofer and boosting the bass range can make the music fuller and listen better.

In the initial audio upgrade stage, you can choose a 6×9-inch mid-bass speaker with a slightly larger diaphragm area. The low-frequency effect is better than that of a 6.5-inch speaker, so as to properly supplement the low-frequency effect. However, although the technical parameters of the 6×9-inch mid-bass speaker say that the bass dive is deep, the attenuation in the sub-bass area is also very serious, so the performance of music in this frequency band is not outstanding. For those with higher requirements, only by using a special subwoofer to compensate for this frequency band and extend the bass range, can the music maintain a natural tonal balance, which sounds rich in depth, breadth, fullness, clarity and purity.


  • subwoofer


But the so-called subwoofer generally refers to the bass whose playback frequency is lower than 20Hz. Whether it is replaying large dynamic music or movie sound effects, the subwoofer is even more important than the traditional main channel speaker system. This is because the special sound effects included in a lot of music (symphony or harpsichord drums) and in many movies are very majestic and dynamic basses, which are not just for the listener to “hear”, but more It is to let them “feel” the atmosphere of the situation.


Subwoofers are mainly divided into two categories,

They are passive (PASSIVE) and active (ACTIVE) two. Many woofers or subwoofer cabinets currently on the market are passive. An active bass system is actually a subwoofer with a power amplifier, input signal, and it can work when it is connected to the power supply.

Nowadays, people who own cars attach great importance to the sound quality of the car’s audio system, especially in terms of the overall performance of the music, so they will always make some major modifications to the audio system, but after installing the audio system, they always feel that it does not sound good. It seems that something is missing, which is the lack of subwoofer.

There are many types of speakers used in car audio, such as coaxial, full-range, and separate. The smaller the area of the unit diaphragm, the higher the pitch, and the larger the area, the lower the pitch. Therefore, the audio system must use a variety of speakers of different sizes to fully restore the music.

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