How to Install a Car Subwoofer? Car Audio Modification Plan

Car audio modification program

If you search for the mainstream economical car audio improvement methods currently on the market, you will find that they are mainly concentrated in the following categories: replacing the CD host, installing an MP3 player, replacing the MD head, plug-in MP3 converter, improving the speaker, etc. The investment varies from tens to hundreds of yuan.

1.Improve CD host

Nowadays, more and more cars are equipped with CD hosts when they leave the factory. However, in the ranks of mid- to low-end cars, cassette heads still occupy a considerable share. Here, we will introduce a head unit improvement plan under a thousand yuan for those car owners who are not satisfied with their car audio system. If the speaker effect of your car is acceptable, you can consider replacing it with a set of Alpine CDE-9841 heads. Advantages: It can completely change the sound effect of your car. The display panel of the head unit is made of fine workmanship. It is considered high-quality for a head unit in this price range to have such sound quality. Disadvantages: Apart from playing CDs, it has no other functions.

2.Install MP3 player

If we count the most popular music playing equipment at the moment, it must be the compact and flexible MP3 player. Because of its small size and large capacity (a 256M MP3 can hold at least nearly a hundred high-quality songs), and the ability to play and edit songs according to your own habits, it can be regarded as the hottest music gadget at the moment. In fact, it is not difficult to get the MP3 player in your pocket into the car. At present, many domestic car audio manufacturers have launched car CD hosts that can directly connect to MP3. You only need to go to a professional audio modification shop to replace a new set. With the latest audio equipment, your car can happily accept MP3 players. For example, there is a head unit on the market called GoRun 6110. It is an all-round car music player that is compatible with U disks, MP3 players, SD/MMC cards, CD discs, and MP3 format discs. It can even be used with PODs. eat. Advantages: Greatly improves the audio convenience of your car. Disadvantages: With more functions, the sound quality naturally deteriorates a lot, and circuit modification is more troublesome. You need to go to a professionally qualified audio shop for modification.

3.Replace MD machine head

For those car owners who like to make some noise by themselves, there is nothing more suitable for them than a set of car MD. MD is a digital recording format disc that enjoys high-quality repeatability and greatly facilitates special purposes such as compiling personal music. Advantages: Recorded music, conferences, class records, live music, etc. can be played in the car in real time. You can also edit all your favorite songs into one MD disc and enjoy digital sound quality. Disadvantages: high price, only suitable for a few enthusiasts.

4.Install MP3 converter

For consumers who already have an MP3 player and a CD head installed, having the two “connect” is the car owner’s biggest wish. Don’t worry, someone has long seen the hugeness of this market, so a piece of equipment called an MP3 car audio converter (also called a receiver) came into being. Its working principle is to convert the MP3 sound source into FM signals and then receive them through the radio of the car host. Although the sound quality is not as good as the MP3 live broadcast, at least you don’t have to go to the trouble of modifying the wiring in the car. Advantages: small investment. It only costs a few dozen yuan to solve the shortcomings of converting from MP3 to car audio: poor sound quality. The effect is almost the same as listening to the radio.

5.Speaker improvements

For those original cars that already have well-matched sound systems, car owners don’t have to fiddle with electronic equipment anymore. If you just want to improve the sound quality in a targeted way, you can selectively replace some of the speakers in the car or install a power amplifier. However, this requires going to a professional audio shop to tailor the sound to the car. If the car owner is a fan of pop music, a pair of 6×9 subwoofers is very necessary. Generally, the 6×9-inch speakers on the market have decent sound quality. If you are a car owner who prefers rock music, you can also install a subwoofer, and the change will make a lot of noise. Advantages: low investment and obvious results. Disadvantages: After all, it has not been matched by the system, so there are concerns about the stability of use. In short, car audio modifications vary from person to person and money to money, and sometimes a small amount of money can bring about big changes.

6.Volume and power are not the only

Some young people feel that using the main unit to drive the speakers is not powerful enough, so they need to install a power amplifier. There are many types of power amplifiers on the market, with prices ranging from a few hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. From the perspective of laymen, exaggerated appearance, huge size, high nominal power, and low price mean great value for money. In fact, some products use ordinary power amplifier integrated circuits with very low power; some use high-power transistors, which are prone to noise, especially static noise; some use fiber circuit boards with poor soldering quality and are prone to desoldering or false soldering. . Faults will appear over time, especially after hot and cold changes and vibrations. Therefore, when choosing a power amplifier, you must know more and compare more.

7.Big may not necessarily be good

Speakers are an important part of the sound system, equivalent to the human voice. The quality of the speakers directly affects the sound quality. Taking low-end coaxial speakers as an example, the tweeter in the middle is usually fake. Although there is a tweeter cone, there is no wiring. Some speakers have larger magnets, which laypeople think are better. In fact, the size of the magnet is only one aspect. The quality of the magnet depends on its material. Good materials are smaller in size, but the quality of the magnets made with it is very good. .

8.Car subwoofers adhere to scientific installation and reasonable configuration

Installing car audio requires first-class installation technology and good after-sales service. Car audio is different from home audio. Harsh usage environment, temperature changes, vibration, dust, etc. will cause car audio to malfunction. Properly designed and installed audio circuits will not affect other circuits in the car and will not produce any noise to the audio system. Use ordinary wires to install the car stereo, although the overall price is on the low side.

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