How to Make Your Speakers Water Resistant?

Waterproof products everywhere?

As the current waterproof technology and manufacturing process become more and more perfect, more and more products such as walkie-talkies, smart logistics vehicles, stereos, toys, etc. gradually have waterproof requirements. Most of these electronic products are transparent. If the sound is required, the corresponding position of the housing is indispensable for the sound-transmitting hole of the sound-producing electronic component of the speaker. The sound-transmitting hole is often waterproofed. The entry of the sound hole affects the internal circuit, causing the internal circuit to be short-circuited due to water or affecting the sound quality of the speaker, so what should be done to waterproof the speakers with these sound holes?

waterproof the speakers

What can you think of?

For the waterproof treatment of the sound-transmitting holes of the speakers, most of them use waterproof nets + waterproof speakers + dispensing to achieve waterproofing. , Dispensing is to seal the edge of the speaker to prevent water from entering the interior of the electronic product from the gap between the speaker speaker and the housing; some use the speaker waterproof sound-permeable membrane + speaker + dispensing to achieve waterproof sound transmission, The waterproof and sound-transmitting membrane material of waterproof electronic products speaker has good dustproof and waterproof performance, which can block water from the outside. Silicone dispensing is also used to prevent water from entering the interior through the gap between the speaker and the shell. This electronic product The speaker waterproof sound-permeable membrane has good sound-permeability and sound-permeability while being waterproof. Such waterproof and sound-permeable membranes include walkie-talkie waterproof sound-permeable membranes, smart electrical appliances waterproof sound-permeable membranes, and intelligent robot waterproof sound-permeable membranes according to practical applications. And so on the waterproof of the sound-penetrating hole of the speaker of electronic products.

How to implement specific measures?

First, replace all the adhesives of the car speakers with high-temperature resistant center gels, and strive to increase the adhesion of each component, and reduce the degumming caused by overheating of the speakers with excessive power. In terms of voice coil shape and material selection, we try to customize aluminum voice coils, which can withstand high temperatures more effectively. It adopts a flat shape for surround, but its occupancy rate is high, so the efficiency is high, and the high-frequency characteristics of the loudspeaker can be extended, which can reach the high power that the audiophile need more.

The humid tropical rain forest climate somewhere makes the waterproof rating a more important indicator. We upgraded the waterproof membrane material to reach the level of speakers available for ships. The paper film is replaced with a mixed material film added with sugar cane and wool fibers, which is not easy to tear, can withstand greater power, and the bass sound quality is also improved a lot.

voice coil waterproof speakers

How to test waterproof performance

Use the waterproof speaker testing machine for the waterproof detection and sealing test. Generally, the suction of the waterproof speaker testing machine is used to test the qualification of the waterproof speaker, so the waterproof speaker’s test fixture can be used. It is very simple to do. Usually, a countersinking fixture is made according to the sound hole of the waterproof speaker. You only need to put the product on it to do the sealing test of the waterproof speaker. According to the waterproof level to be tested, adjust the test pressure to the appropriate level. The parameter value can be turned on and the speaker tester can be used to test the sealing of the product. For this kind of waterproof speaker sealing test.

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