First, touch.

The most important thing is to get the speaker and touch it in your hand to get its first impression. First of all, if the speaker feels heavy in the hand, if it is a two-channel speaker, one of them will be heavier because of the built-in power amplifier circuit and a power transformer. If it is lighter, then it may be suspected of cutting corners; Generally, the sound quality of wooden cabinets is higher than that of plastic cabinets, and the thicker the cabinets, the better.

Second, look.

The main thing to watch is to not be confused by the appearance. In order to attract users, some speakers imitate famous brand speakers to make the appearance very beautiful. In fact, at this time, we must pay special attention to the subtleties. For speakers that rely solely on appearance and do not work hard on quality, the quality will naturally not be very good. When looking at it, you should also check the material of the diaphragm. At present, there are many materials for making speaker diaphragms. When purchasing, refer to the principle of hardness, softness, not softness, and rigidity. Secondly, it also depends on the size of the unit caliber of the speaker. The larger the caliber, the higher the sensitivity, and the low-frequency response is also better.

Third, listen.

After doing a basic test on the speaker, it’s time to listen to its actual sound effect. The first step of listening is to check the size of the current sound, that is, only connect the speaker power supply, and then adjust the volume to the maximum. Since there is no audio input at this time, the smaller the sound heard, the better; when testing the sound quality, it is recommended It is more appropriate to adjust the volume to about 2/3. Different test sound sources should be selected for different sound quality of test speakers. If the test sound source is of high quality, CD is generally selected. Among them, cello music can be used for bass testing, human voice can be used for midrange testing, violin music can be used for treble testing, and some dance music with a strong sense of rhythm can be used for dynamic testing. Of course, in the actual testing process, due to the limitation of testing conditions and environment, there will be certain errors. Therefore, it is very important to change to several stores for testing, especially to buy high-end speakers.

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