How We Compare Single Coil Speaker VS Dual Coil Speaker?

Since the birth of automobiles, for more than 100 years, people’s desire for enjoyment has continued to rise. From the car engine, appearance, car seats, to car audio, there has been more advanced progress. The requirement to make a sound is previous to the current requirements for sound quality. And now this article hopes to give car audio beginners some understanding.

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The internal structure of our speakers may seem simple. In fact, every tiny variable can create a brand new product.

Why don’t we learn about the voice coil first?

There are many different types of speakers on the market, consumers might often have no ideas when selecting, for example, when the clerk introduces a single voice coil and dual voice coil speakers, you must be confused, what is the difference between the two types, how to choose it, is dual voice coil better. Today this article will explain to you specifically.

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We must first know the concept of the voice coil. The voice coil can be regarded as a speaker engine, which is actually a metal coil placed in the magnetic gap of the speaker magnet. After the audio current passes through the voice coil, the voice coil will be in the magnetic field This creates motion, which pushes the speaker’s diaphragm to vibrate, producing sound.

1. We can know that the first difference between these two kinds of speakers is the number of voice coils from their names directly, dual voice coil speaker refers to two coils, which wind two metal wires together on a common bearing, however, the two metal wires are independent of each other; their length is equal, the number of turns is equal, and they have exactly the same conductive characteristics. A single voice coil speaker means only one coil.

2. The difference in wiring method. Dual voice coil speaker has two voice coils, so there can be a variety of wiring methods, series, parallel and independent coupling. For example, if you use a 4-ohm dual voice coil horn, it can become an 8-ohm speaker when connected in series, and if you use the parallel connection, then it will become a 2-ohm one. So if you aim to drive a high impedance car speaker amplifier, you can take the series connection to connect two voice coils, if the car amplifier is designed to drive low impedance speakers, then it is better to connect the voice coils in parallel. So it seems that the advantages of dual voice coil speakers are more obvious.

3. Sound quality, the sound quality of a dual voice coil speaker is stronger than the bass of a single voice coil because the design of dual voice coil speakers can use the limited space to bring the effect of bass to the best state.

4. The location of the center is different, dual voice coil speaker is equivalent to two single voice coil speakers while connecting the left and right channels, can achieve isolation and balance in the center effect; single voice coil speaker center is suitable for the car with a special center amplifier, amplifier in the front stage to mix the left and right channels after amplification to promote the speakers.

5. They are both suitable for different occasions. Dual voice coil speakers can meet the application of all occasions, convenient and better; while single voice coil speakers can only be used in special amplifiers, fixed impedance and sensitivity, not flexible enough to use, very limited.

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I hope this article can help you understand some speaker knowledge, any comments, leave us a message, thank you.
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