Is the midbass speaker optional?

In a car audio system, can there be no mid-bass speaker? Before answering this question, let’s first understand what frequency band the human ear is more sensitive to.

The mid-bass range not only contains a lot of musical energy, but the human ear is more sensitive to the mid-range and high-pitched low range than to the low-pitched and high-pitched high range. That is to say, the human ear is roughly most sensitive to sounds in the frequency band of 800Hz-3KHz, and is even most sensitive to slight changes in volume and slight changes in frequency response in this frequency band.


The human ear’s sense of hearing, for the softest sound that can be heard, is also much lower in the mid-frequency band than in the two side frequencies. The sounds that people hear the most every day are people talking, rustling leaves, animals, etc. These sound energies are also concentrated in the mid-frequency band. Due to long-term exercise, the human ear is most sensitive to mid-frequency hearing.

In a car audio system, the frequency band of the midrange speaker is generally between 200Hz-2KHz. Obviously, the midrange speaker is very important in the whole car audio system.

For many A-class or B-class ordinary models, the audio system of the original car is generally only two channels and four speakers, so many car owners think that to change the audio, they only need to replace the original car audio speakers, that is, upgrade a two-way frequency system That’s good, there is no need to increase the mid-range speakers and waste costs.

If there is no mid-range speaker, relying solely on the mid-range frequency emitted by the mid-bass speaker, the sound image will be relatively low. In addition, the mid-bass speaker is installed near the lower part of the car, and the balance between the left and right channels is poor; in addition, the tweeter of many models Installed on the instrument panel, this installation position makes it difficult to connect the treble with the mid-bass under the door.

The midrange formed by superimposing the sound near the lower limit of the working frequency of the tweeter and the sound near the upper limit of the working frequency of the mid-bass unit obviously cannot meet the strict requirements of enthusiasts for midrange restoration, so in the two-way frequency Adding a mid-range speaker on the basis is the choice for pursuing high sound quality.

Of course, the above does not mean that the two-way set speaker is not good, but it is just an analysis of the actual situation.

In the car audio system, there is no need for a mid-range speaker. Adding a mid-range speaker can enrich more sound details and reproduce a more perfect and real sound, depending on individual needs. Within the scope of ability, what you like is the best.

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