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MR AUDIO makes an excellent passive subwoofer with outstanding craftsmanship. With more than 20 years of experience, we provide a reliable and quick passive subwoofer solution for any order.

  • Offers long-lasting and durable passive subwoofer.
  • Good service at reasonable price.
  • Online support is available 24/7.
  • A strict quality control system is in place.
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MR AUDIO has a variety of passive subwoofers and other subwoofer goods available. You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking an experienced and expert passive subwoofer manufacturer. As a professional manufacturer, we provide a reliable and high-performance passive subwoofer all over the world. Choose MR AUDIO to receive a high-quality, custom passive subwoofer to complete your requirements.

MR Audio Your Professional Passive Subwoofer Manufacturer

EB1050 Passive Subwoofer
  • Description:650*115*345mm passive subwoofer
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Rated AES Power Handling (RMS): 110 Watts
  • Frequency Range: 65-500HZ
  • Sensitivity (1W/1m): 86 dB
  • Voice Coil Diameter: 50.5mm(2.0 in)
EB1250 Passive Subwoofer
  • Description:760*127*365mm passive subwoofer
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Rated AES Power Handling (RMS): 150 Watts
  • Frequency Range: 59-500HZ
  • Sensitivity (1W/1m): 86 dB
  • Voice Coil Diameter: 50.5mm(2.0 in)

Why Choose MR Audio Passive Subwoofer

MR AUDIO can provide you with a high-quality passive subwoofer. We’ve been making passive subwoofers for more than two decades. MR AUDIO is the best place to go if you need high-quality passive subwoofer things for your business.

We provide dependable passive subwoofer solutions in a variety of styles. For your business needs, MR AUDIO offers a professional passive subwoofer solution.

MR Audio Manufacturer

Why Choose MR Audio

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MR Audio-Your Reliable Passive Subwoofer Manufacturer In China

MR AUDIO has designed and manufactured excellent passive subwoofers for more than two decades. We are pleased to accept orders of any size, no matter how small or large they are. We make a passive subwoofer with long service life and meets the highest service standards.

If you’re looking for a reliable passive subwoofer, MR AUDIO is the place to go. By providing low costs, high-quality, consistent reliability, and on-time delivery, we have effectively met the standard of international passive subwoofer markets.

The Passive Subwoofer Benefits:

  • Budget-friendly

If you have a multichannel amplifier, you can power many passive subwoofers in your home entertainment system.

  • There’s lower chance of burning mishap

You have a lower possibility of a fire catastrophe on a passive subwoofer. You can put them anywhere you like.

  • Low Frequency

Passive subwoofers’ design increases their ability to produce low frequencies.

We, MR AUDIO, are a leading passive subwoofer manufacturer that can better customize your subwoofer. We have a natural ability to create outstanding passive subwoofers for your application.

If you let us take care of your passive subwoofer needs, we will put out our best effort and provide quick service. We are delighted to be working with you and look forward to building profitable business connections in the future.

For passive subwoofer orders, MR AUDIO provides extensive OEM and ODM services. CE and RoHS certifications have been obtained for all of our services.

Your pleasure is essential to us. MR AUDIO focuses on product quality to ensure passive subwoofer performance.

If you require any information, please do not hesitate to contact and email us!

What are the features of a passive speaker?

The passive subwoofer does not have a power amplifier, only a speaker unit, and a crossover, and some need to make a cabinet. The passive subwoofer must be equipped with a power amplifier driver. And it is generally better to add a low-pass filter.

Passive speakers are formal speakers with high power and good sound quality, but the products are large and bulky.

What advantages do passive speakers have?

The speaker unit has a complicated mechanism and better materials.

The output power is large, the low-frequency signal output is strong, and the music performance is strong.

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