Speaker Single Voice Coil? Dual Voice Coil? Is There any Difference?

Single & Dual Voice Coils in Subwoofers

The voice coil of a speaker is the source of its driving force. Its material, winding method, etc. have a great influence on the characteristics of the speaker. Today I will mainly talk to you about the difference between a single voice coil and a dual voice coil subwoofer.

The design of dual voice coil speakers mainly uses limited space to maximize the bass effect. The same speaker with dual voice coils has a stronger bass than a single voice coil. In theory, it can achieve two single voice coils. The effect is gone.

At present, most speakers are speakers with one coil. From the appearance, there is only a pair of positive and negative terminals, which is called a single voice coil. Dual voice coil speakers, as the name implies, have two coils, two pairs of positive and negative terminals, and dual voice coils.

Two sections of metal wire are wound together on a common bearing. The two sections of metal wire are independent of each other; their lengths are equal, the number of turns is equal, and they have exactly the same conductive properties.

What are the characteristics of dual voice coil speakers?

The characteristic of dual voice coil speakers is that they have more wiring methods. A single dual voice coil speaker has three connection methods: series connection, parallel connection and independent connection. For example:

① A dual voice coil speaker with 4 Ω per voice coil, when two voice coils are connected in series, it becomes an 8Ω speaker;

② When two voice coils are connected in parallel, it becomes a 2Ω speaker;

③ Connect independently, connect the positive and negative poles on one side, and it can be used at the same time Connect 2 amplifiers with the same performance. Of course, these all depend on the rated output resistance of your amplifier.

When are parallel and series connections used for dual voice coils:

① If your car amplifier is designed to drive high-impedance speakers, you can connect two voice coils in series;

② If your car amplifier is designed as a high-current car amplifier that will get better performance when driving a low-impedance speaker, then it is better to connect the voice coil in parallel.

In sound systems with multiple subwoofers, dual voice coil subwoofers are used more often. The single voice coil subwoofer has only one coil (a pair of positive and negative terminals), so its flexibility is less than that of the dual voice coil subwoofer.

However, among subwoofers of the same level, the price of a single voice coil subwoofer is generally slightly lower than that of a dual voice coil subwoofer.

All in all, the single voice coil wiring method is more direct and convenient, such as the American JL AUDIO single voice coil subwoofer W3 series, which has better bass elasticity and is very comfortable when listening to the bass part of the human voice; there are many ways to connect dual voice coils, which can be used for fever.

It provides players with more fun and more shocking effects. For example, the 13W7 dual voice coil subwoofer owned by JL has deeper dive, more shocking sound quality, and can “explode” HIFI songs.

Whether it is a single voice coil or a dual voice coil, a power amplifier is required, and a dual voice coil can have more power amplifier options.

For example, a 4-ohm impedance subwoofer can be connected to a 2/4/8Ω subwoofer, and the corresponding power amplifier You can also choose a power amplifier with 2/4/8Ω impedance.





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