• 600W RMS capacity
  • 50.5mm(2 in) inside-outside BASV voice coil
  • 45-400Hz response
  • 82 dB sensitivity
  • 4+4Ω nominal impedance

SW 0844 is a star product of MR audio. Tough and precise bass transmission, the paper cone is added with aramid fiber and resin, these materials are both tough and precise, with a specification of 8 inches,at the same time, it is high-temperature resistance, good conduction performance, lightweight, better low frequency extension and higher efficiency.

Nominal Diameter 8/200 in/mm
MAX Power 600 Watts
RMS Power 300 Watts
Impedance 4+4 Ohm
Resonance Frequency 45 Hz
Frequency Response 45-400 Hz
Sensitivity(1W/1m) 82 dB
Voice Coil Diameter 2”/50.5mm
Voice Coil Material BASV
Magnet 81 Oz
FS 45 Hz
RE 3.2+3.2 ohm
Qms 5.3
Qes 0.83
Qts 0.72
BL 12 T/m
MMS 143 grams
Xmax 17.7 mm
Sd 200 cm²
Efficiency 0%
Le(1k Hz) 62.5 mH


Overall Diameter 8/218 in/mm
Bolt Circle Diameter 5/199 in/mm
Baffle cutout Diameter 7.2/186 in/mm
Depth 6/153 in/mm
Net Weight 5.35 kgs
Shipping Weight 5.8 kgs
Shipping Box 25.5X25.5X18cm


  • 300W RMS Power/600W Max Power
  • 2 inch BASV voice coilwith rubber roll surround and carbon weave finish all in black
  • Powerful 5-inch large magnet woofer with built-in low pass filter
  • 8 layer voice coil for superb performance
  • Frequency response of 45Hz -400Hz with an SPL of 82dB
  • amazing design is perfectly suited for DIY car speaker, excellent low frequency ability, high fidelity response

The paper cone adopts Taiwan’s high-end new technology special formula foamed edge pitted paper cone, which has a high elastic modulus and a good combination of rigidity and flexibility. Compared with ordinary paper cones, the degree of compression of the fibers is relatively low, and the overall cone is relatively thick. , The natural frequency is relatively low, can withstand a large vibration stroke, increase the low frequency dive and the compliance of the speaker, the special formula of the cone material, make the sound more solid and durable.

Passive subwoofer speaker with attractive parameters and built-in low-pass filter for powerful deep bass. The heat dissipation hole design ensures safe and effective work, the low frequency is flexible and natural and powerful, which is very suitable for home theater.

From design to material selection to proofing, every step is carefully designed by our engineers and technicians. Every step of the way is hands-on, presenting a work of art for the client.


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