• 1500W RMS capacity
  • 75mm(3 in) inside-outside BASV voice coil
  • 65-500Hz response
  • 80 dB sensitivity
  • 2+2Ω nominal impedance

SW1066 is an unmissable product, the effect will be beyond your expectations, the bass is deep, the drop is deep, the noise is very small, almost inaudible, the reverberation is very powerful, and the sound is pure and live. First-class selection of materials, extraordinary quality, Well-balanced audio bands performs outstanding at all times.

Nominal Diameter 10/250 in/mm
MAX Power 4000 Watts
RMS Power 2000 Watts
Impedance 2+2 Ohm
Resonance Frequency 63 Hz
Frequency Response 63-500 Hz
Sensitivity(1W/1m) 80 dB
Voice Coil Diameter 3”/75mm
Voice Coil Material BASV
Magnet 232 Oz
FS 63 Hz
RE 2+2 ohm
Qms 5.4
Qes 1.0
Qts 0.84
BL 17 T/m
MMS 388 grams
Xmax 25.5 mm
Sd 370 cm²
Efficiency 0.07%
Le(1k Hz) 75 mH
Overall Diameter 10/276 in/mm
Bolt Circle Diameter 9.9/253 in/mm
Baffle cutout Diameter 9.5/244 in/mm
Depth 8.3/212 in/mm
Net Weight 13.9 kgs
Shipping Weight 14.7 kgs
Shipping Box 28.5X28.5X23.5cm
10SB2000 hs

  • A 10″ Subwooferprovides larger and more robust characteristics, with organized vibrations and the ability to layer large dynamic music. 2+2 Ohms
  • 1500 Watts, high output power, wide dynamic range, fast response time, strong impact, the sound is tense and stimulating, sounding strong and bold.
  • 80dB compact, powerful bass with a majestic soundstage and soft handling.
  • 75mm(3in) BASV voice coil wounded for hi-temp performance

Ultra-large magnet, in addition to the large hole at the bottom, there are also small holes to ensure effective heat dissipation during work, and the thickened rubber edge ensures the freedom of bounce back and forth, making the low frequency more flexible. High-performance y35 magnet, strong and high-quality magnetism, guarantee a strong thrust and makes the sound shocking reproduction.

10SB2000 magent
10SB2000 spider

With a patterned paper cone, the thickness can be adjusted many times to ensure the rigidity of the paper cone without losing its bounce. Each voice coil uses custom brass wire to better dissipate internal heat and withstand higher power.
Blended damper – strong bouncing, instant explosive power, excellent rigidity, and positioning, but also very precise, make a more powerful rebound and better bass effect.

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