• 1500W RMS capacity
  • 75mm(3 in) inside-outside ASV voice coil
  • 43-800Hz response
  • 87 dB sensitivity
  • 4+4Ω nominal impedance

SW1275-2 is a branch of the best-selling series, as a superior subwoofer for a variety of vehicles, it provides heavy bass with a stable structure.

Away from the hustle and bustle, it is suitable for us to feel the touch of pure music. Vocal fidelity has penetrating power, restores the true appearance of music rhythm, and gives you a superb music experience.

Nominal Diameter 12/300 in/mm
MAX Power 2000 Watts
RMS Power 1000 Watts
Impedance 4+4 Ohm
Resonance Frequency 45 Hz
Frequency Response 45-800 Hz
Sensitivity(1W/1m) 85 dB
Voice Coil Diameter 3”/75mm
Voice Coil Material ASV
Magnet 116 Oz


FS Hz 74 Hz
RE Ohms 4+4 ohm
Qms 4.3
Qes 1.62
Qts 1.18
BL T/m 19 T/m
MMS(grams) 307 grams
Xmax(mm) 21 mm
Sd(cm²) 51 cm²
Efficiency % 0.14%
Le(1k Hz) 0.7 mH
EBP 63 Hz


Overall Diameter 12.3 /313 in/mm
Bolt Circle Diameter 11.6/297 in/mm
Baffle cutout Diameter 11 /280 in/mm
Depth 7.1 /180 in/mm
Net Weight 9.2 kgs
Shipping Weight 10.2 kgs
Shipping Box 36.5X36.5X24cm



  • 3’’ASV (Aluminum-magnesium alloy oxygen-free copper) voice coil wounded for hi-temp performance, 4+4 ohms
  • 2,000 watts max power continuous program power rating makes the high acoustical output
  • Classic and stylish design, a tasteful choice.
  • 85 dB sensitivity, top in the similar class!
  • Excellent low-frequency ability, high fidelity response

It is made of POLYPROPYLENE material and is integrally injection molded. It has the physical properties of high molecular polymers. Adopts a fatigue-resistant rubber ring, waterproof and moisture-proof design, and can be used normally in severe cold, heat, and humidity.


The tweeter adopts a high-performance neodymium magnetic boron sandwich magnetic circuit, high magnetic flux density, PEL magnetic top diaphragm, wide frequency response, good transient response

The magnetic flux is lasting, providing a stable and strong magnetic circuit. The propulsion system has a full mid-frequency and a powerful low-frequency shock, so that the performance of the mid-woofer remains consistent.

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