• 900W RMS capacity
  • 60mm(2.5in) inside-outside BASV voice coil
  • 29-1000Hz responsns
  • 89 dB sensitivity
  • 4+4Ω nominal impedance

SW1566 refers a new line of subwoofer.  It has pure treble with rich details. Gives equally impressive with music and movies; Brushed black polymer veneer cabinet with satin painted plinth. Low pass crossover and phase control

Nominal Diameter 15/380 in/mm
MAX Power 1800 Watts
RMS Power 900 Watts
Impedance 4+4 Ohm
Resonance Frequency 29 Hz
Frequency Response 29-1000 Hz
Sensitivity(1W/1m) 89 dB
Voice Coil Diameter 2.5”/65mm
Voice Coil Material BASV
Magnet 168 Oz


FS 29 Hz
RE 3.6+3.6 ohm
Qms 3.7
Qes 0.56
Qts 0.5
BL 17 T/m
MMS 258 grams
Xmax 16.5 mm
Sd 844.96 cm²
Efficiency 0.50%
Le(1k Hz) 58 mH


Overall Diameter 15/385 in/mm
Bolt Circle Diameter 14.5/370 in/mm
Baffle cutout Diameter 13.8/352 in/mm
Depth 8.2/210 in/mm
Net Weight 11.3 kgs
Shipping Weight  10.3 kgs
Shipping Box   41X41X19cm



  • 2.5’’BASV voice coil wounded for hi-temp performance, 4+4 ohms
  • 900 watts max power
  • Adhering to technological innovation combined with fashion trends, fashionable metallic luster
  • 89dB sensitivity, bring Compact, powerful bass with a majestic soundstage and soft handling
  • Excellent low-frequency ability, high fidelity response

High-fidelity transmission, easy installation with low power consumption, high-speed response, and improving efficiency are the important concerns of this speaker

The lower the dive of the subwoofer, the sound quantity is better, but remember do what you can. This subwoofer is very suitable for domestic speakers. The system also has strong compatibility and can well match various home theaters.

This is about the momentum, strength and verve of the sound, its low-frequency reproduction is superior, and good transient response, high output power, wide dynamic range, fast response time, strong impact, the sound is tense and stimulating, sounding strong and bold.

Ease the beauty of the sound of high-quality speakers.

The consolidation quality of aviation anti-oxidation material, the surrounding bracket aviation insulation rubber made with the physical properties of rubber to attenuate resonance, a major breakthrough in anti-resonance, anti-magnetic interference, etc., so that the bass and midrange full of shock.




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