What are Dual Voice Coil and Single Voice Coil? Dual Voice Coil VS Single

What are single and double voice coils?

Single voice coil: It is wound by a separate voice coil, and the impedance of the single voice coil is fixed.
Dual voice coil: Two independent voice coil windings, the dual voice coil can be connected to various impedances.

Single voice coil has better control
The driving power obtained by a、b is the same, and there is no difference in the sound effect. A 2Ω single voice coil has better control because of its small impedance and more energization. Two sets of 4Ω connected in parallel can also produce a set of 2Ω 1000W. However, there is a gap between the two voice coils, which will affect the energization and the control ability is better than that of a single voice coil. Poor voice coil. Comparing the single voice coil 2Ω 1000 and the dual voice coil 2Ω 1000W in parallel, the single voice coil has better control.

The driving power obtained by b、c is different. Although it is also 4Ω500W, b can choose to be connected in parallel to 2 ohms, and the driving power obtained is twice that of c. B has greater power to drive the woofer and has better bass performance than c, so At the same 4Ω500W, dual voice coils are better than single voice coils.

Dual voice coil optional power amplifier is more flexible
Single voice coil subwoofers can only be matched with power amplifiers of the same impedance, while dual voice coil subwoofers can choose three wiring methods: series, parallel and independent connection, and choose different power amplifier drivers, making the selection more flexible.

Dual Voice Coil VS Single Voice Coil

The main difference between single and dual voice coil speakers is how they are designed and used. Here are the main differences between the two:

1.Number of coils:

A single voice coil speaker usually has only one coil, which means it can only operate with a single impedance.
A dual voice coil speaker contains two coils that are placed on the same axis but are independent of each other.


The wiring method of single voice coil speakers is relatively fixed, usually in series or parallel.
Dual voice coil speakers provide more wiring options, and the impedance of the speakers can be changed through series, parallel or independent connection to adapt to different power amplifier and system requirements.

3.Application scope:

Single voice coil speakers are suitable for systems with specific impedance and sensitivity, and their use is relatively limited.
Due to its flexibility, dual voice coil speakers can be used in more situations, including car audio systems and center speakers.

4.Sound quality performance:

In theory, a dual voice coil speaker can provide more powerful bass than a single voice coil speaker because it uses limited physical space to achieve better bass.
From a practical application point of view, dual voice coil speakers perform well in center speaker and high impedance speaker systems, but in terms of sound quality, the advantages of dual voice coils may be limited to improving the power amplifier’s control of the speaker and increasing power output, not It will affect the sound performance of the speaker too much.

5.Impedance change:

The impedance of a single voice coil speaker is fixed, while the impedance of a dual voice coil speaker can be changed in series and parallel to adapt to different system and power amplifier needs.

6.Suitability and cost:

Dual voice coil speakers are especially popular in car audio systems because they have more wiring options and potential application scenarios, and the cost can be higher.
The cost of a single voice coil speaker is relatively low, but its application range is limited.
In summary, single voice coil and dual voice coil speakers each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which type of speaker to choose depends on the specific application requirements and system compatibility.


1.Which is better, single voice coil or dual voice coil?

Single voice coil is more suitable for active subwoofers that already have built-in power amplifiers, while dual voice coils are more suitable for passive subwoofers and can be better equipped with power amplifiers.

2.Why do car center speakers use dual voice coil speakers?

Dual voice coils are mainly used for subwoofers and internal speakers of subwoofers. Center speakers are usually small and medium-sized speakers that focus on the same part of the two channels for playback, circuit isolation, sound synchronization, etc. There is no need to configure a special power amplifier, for example some Mercedes-Benz models use a double voice coil in the middle, that is. Take advantage of the properties of the suspected vocal cords. As a woofer, it is usually quite large in size. The dual coil can change four impedances. It can also use two power amplifiers to increase the power of the speaker and enhance control of the speaker’s power amplifier. The disadvantage of using a dual-voice coil is that it will cost more than a single coil, and it will be more difficult to make. Two-tone coyle is mainly used in car interior speakers and basic speakers. It acts as a center speaker, playing two channel signals simultaneously. It is mainly used as a base speaker to increase the speaker power. The correct middle channel needs to be played simultaneously on the left and right channels to increase the expressiveness of the mid and high frequencies.






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