What different types of paper cones?

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With the development of science and technology, people have a higher pursuit of the spiritual world. During weekends, they travel by car with their family members, playing their favorite country music, rock music, and heavy metal in the car. Music is not only a way to relax, but also a reflection of the quality of life. Is this your ideal life?

speaker paper cone


Childhood confusion

When I was a child, tapped on the concave piece of paper exposed on the surface of the loudspeaker at home. I accidentally knocked over a drink on the TV audio, and it can’t be used right away.Water seeps into the “basin” on the surface. I took it for granted that this is where the sound of the loudspeaker came from. After learning about the industry, I found that its combinations were ever-changing, and the exposed part outside, equivalent to our “face”, there are many organs in the body that maintain our body operate well.

There are many car speaker brands on the market now, and most of us believe that the expensive ones are good, the big brands’ quality are guaranteed. In fact, many materials of the same quality come from a production base, such as paper cones, voice coils, cone frames, diaphragms, etc. The one that really suits you is the best.

How do you classify the speaker cones?

Paper speaker cone

Paper speaker cone

Plant fiber materials are still the most common materials for speaker cones. This is the most common type of cone in speakers, with the longest manufacturing history and a very mature technical level. Poured the pulp into the designed mold, and after drying, a series of subsequent processing is carried out to form our common paper speaker cone. Each factory has its own secret recipe for paper cones.

The characteristics of the paper cone are relatively smooth and natural, which can meet the tastes of most people, and there won’t have very distinctive parts in the sound. Due to the intertwining of the internal fibers, the energy in the transmission process can be quickly absorbed, so the characteristics of the speaker cone are also ideal. The sound is simple and natural, highly cost performance, it is easy to be mixed with other materials. In addition, they are light weight, the energy conversion efficiency is also good, shortcomings are obvious, either. First of all, the cone is more sensitive to temperature and humidity, and changes in the use environment may influence the sound. Certain influence, and repeated changes in these environments may also lead to irreversible deformation of the paper cone. However, the current paper speaker cone technology is also constantly developing. By adding other materials, the paper speaker cone can have a better performance in terms of waterproof properties.

Bulletproof speaker cone

Bulletproof speaker cone

It has the advantages of wider frequency response and can withstand higher power, and is the first choice for those who love strong bass. However, because of its heavy material, the playback effect of small and weak signals is not very good. The advantage is that the bass is strong and powerful, the performance of rock music and percussion music is quite outstanding. It is suitable for use as the main speaker in high-power amplifiers. The disadvantage is that the production process is complicated and the price is not cheap.

Wool Woven speaker cone

Wool Woven speaker cone

The texture is soft and the material is lighter. Adding wool, plant fibers, etc. to the ordinary paper cone, the vibration of the voice coil of the same energy will make its amplitude larger, so it performs better for the sound of small and weak signals, suitable for soft music. Performed perfectly. On the downside, the bass isn’t as good, and the rock and march aren’t as expressive.

This is also one of the very common unit materials. Today, when the chemical developed completely, synthetic materials have appeared in all aspects of life. Good toughness and consistency, low distortion, good performance in all aspects, but slightly higher price. The plastic material mentioned in the unit diaphragm is generally made of polypropylene material, referred to as PP cone.

The PP cone also has the advantages of excellent damping characteristics, and the sound can be soft and natural. In addition, the PP basin generally does not require a high-order frequency divider, which can also control the overall production cost of the speaker. In terms of disadvantages, the rigidity of the PP basin is relatively general, and the music with rich high frequency is not suitable for performance, which is prone to distortion.


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