What to do If the Subwoofer is not Transparent? Three Solutions

The importance of subwoofer in car audio system is self-evident. Although it is possible to do without a subwoofer, the lack of a subwoofer is like a dish without seasoning salt: it can be eaten, but the taste is a little bland.

Many people have reported that although the bass is good, there are also many problems. For example, some people feel that the low frequency is insufficient, the bass is not clean and there is noise, etc. Today, I will briefly talk about how to deal with this kind of situation.

When problems such as unclear sound and noise occur, first check the product itself to see if there is a problem with the subwoofer itself. Generally speaking, such problems may also occur if the subwoofer box design is unreasonable.

In daily life, the common subwoofer boxes we use are generally closed boxes, phase boxes, bandpass boxes, maze boxes, etc. These common boxes are also designed and adopted according to the characteristics of the subwoofer itself, not a set of one standard.

When deciding to add a subwoofer to the whole system, the cabinet design must be taken into consideration, otherwise the final bass effect will be useless. Of course, subwoofers with built-in cabinets are not within the scope of this discussion.

In addition to the cabinet design affecting the bass quality, the matching of the power amplifier and the subwoofer will also affect the bass quality. When the power amplifier and the subwoofer do not match, it may lead to insufficient control and power of the bass.

In other words, when the low frequency is turbid and not transparent and no longer transmitted, when the volume of the subwoofer is continuously reduced, it is found that when the volume of the subwoofer has been adjusted to the lowest value, it is still not enough to transmit, then the power of the power amplifier of the subwoofer is too low. At this time, you need to replace an amplifier with matching power or a dedicated bass amplifier.

The last and most critical one is debugging. Debugging is the last link in the process of car audio modification and an important link. If the debugging is not professional, no matter how top-level equipment is used in the front and how professional the construction and installation are, it will eventually be useless.

For the situation where the subwoofer has unclean sound and noise, there is a remedial debugging method, which is to add a high pass to the bass at 25Hz, starting from 12, then 24, 36, until the bass quality is improved.

During the car audio modification process, no matter which link has a problem, you must find a professional technician in a professional store to troubleshoot the problem and solve it one by one. Believe in the power of professionals and don’t blindly solve it yourself.


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