Why do We Need to Make a Box to Install a Subwoofer? What is the Connection Between the Two?

The woofer is the big brother of the speaker family. It is huge and heavy. You can tell at a glance that it is a heavyweight player. The same is true for the position of bass in music. When a song has a strong bass part, it can feel very grand and powerful, with a strong sense of shock. The “appetite” of the woofer is also amazing. The energy it consumes is even several times more than that of the tweeter plus woofer.

The important roles of subwoofers in car audio are as follows:
First, it makes the music more passionate and powerful.
Second, it creates a truly infectious musical atmosphere.
Third, it masks various low-frequency noises during the driving process of the car.

Evaluation of subwoofer
The low frequency produced by inferior speakers can be deafening, but it is completely bloated and thick, lacking in layering and solidity. Good low frequency should be clean and bright, with clear layers, not dragging and like a ghost. Even various low-frequency instruments such as drums, bass guitars, bass or piano bass can be easily distinguished. So don’t be easily fooled by the volume of low frequency. Inferior low frequency is not as natural and comfortable as clean sound. Subwoofers have many advantages and are indispensable, but they also have a very “stubborn” personality. The power amplifier with a bad temper will sound lame. It is almost impossible to completely solve this problem, but we still have to face reality and solve it rationally.

The solution is:
1. The subwoofer should minimize the parallel planes parallel to each other to make it difficult for standing waves to form.
2. Make reinforcing ribs inside the box to reduce box vibration.
3. The box volume and the size of the phase guide tube should be made strictly according to the parameters given by the manufacturer.
4. The sound absorption damping in the box cannot be omitted.
The car’s interior decorative panels and the Dacron parts that are prone to vibration should be treated with damping and sound absorption as much as possible. Other parts of the car that can cause resonance should also be treated accordingly. If the above measures can be taken, then the bass of your car’s audio system will definitely be able to achieve a qualitative leap, so that the level of the entire car’s audio system will be greatly improved, and even a brand new look, and it will sound “cool” like never before.

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